Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Welcome to the new blog site for Weatherproofing Your Landscape: A Homeowner's Guide to Protecting and Rescuing Your by Emmy-nominated landscape architect Dean Hill, co-host of the popular DIY network program, Grounds for Development.

Trees and shrubs are the big-ticket elements of your landscape, adding both aesthetic and monetary value to your real estate. As climate change brings increasingly extreme (often violent) weather events to your corner of the world, these slow-growing and often treasured elements of your landscape's tapestry are threatened by instant damage or destruction.

Weatherproofing Your Landscape is designed to help you prevent damage to your anchor plants by extreme-weather events, whether from wind, flood, drought (and associated wildfires), frozen stuff (ice and snow), and even lightning. If an extreme-weather event is already in progress, Weatherproofing might help you reduce the damage as much as possible. And after the fact, you will find clear guidance on how to help your landscape recover from a hard hit by the elements.

Virtually every location in the country is vulnerable to one or more forms extreme weather—and often a combination of events at the same time. I hope you'll find this site to be a welcoming source of insights, information and discussion regarding things arboreal.

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PegC said...

This book should be required reading for anyone with a yard! It pays for itself if it results in saving one favorite plant from nature's wrath.