Thursday, September 1, 2011

BLOG EXTRA!! Wildfire

A huge wildfire ignited about 20 minutes ago, due south of us, eating rapidly through red-cedar choked woods. Winds are blowing it this way. The leading edge is still three miles distant...but this week's wildfires have been traveling for miles, so we're watching it closely.

For a fire that's just 20 minutes old, it's already huge. Noble High School, directly across the street from the fire's starting point, has been evacuated.

We've learned to "interpret" smoke, this week. Light brown is brush; a quick puff of black is a red cedar; a substantial amount of black smoke is a house or other structure. We did see one big black cloud of smoke erupt, so that's bad news for someone.

The wildfire is still building. Fire crews are being dispatched from other communities, including possibly pulling some crews off the fires in OKC.


Gina Panettieri said...

Let's hope for a substantial storm front to move through your area and give it a good soaking.

Sandra Dark said...

We'll get a cool front Sunday morning, but only a 30 percent chance of rain. We need a small hurricane in the Gulf! A shame we couldn't have had about 10 percent of your Irene.